The 8 Questions You Must Ask Your Campground Host

On the road, there are many resources to help you find inexpensive gas, cool campsites, and lesser-tread trails. But, there is one analog resource travelers often overlook–the campground host!

Why Public Libraries are an RVers Best

Public libraries are throughout the country. Even the smallest of small towns may have a public library. These often-unassuming buildings don’t just house dusty books. For an RV-er, they can be a central hub for information, entertainment, and community.

Yoga Stretches for Long Driving Days –
Road tripping can be hard on the body. Your lower back and neck might ache, and your joints may creak when you stop for the night. Regular stretch breaks can help you feel better and make it easier to keep going, so long as it’s safe. Here are seven poses to do along the route to stay limber and de-stress while RVing!

5 Incredible Minnesota State Parks For Hiking – Explore Minnesota
Minnesota has 75 state parks and recreation areas where you’ll find stunning views and hiking trails of all difficulty and mobility levels. With so many paths to tread, it can be challenging to know where to start.

How to Pack a Cooler for a Road Trip – AAA Via
It’s no fun to arrive at your destination and find a cooler full of soggy food that can potentially make you sick. A bit of planning and work in the days before your departure can help get you out the door faster and keep your food safe longer.

8 Free Apps to Help You Connect to Nature Hipcamp Journal
Technology can help you learn about and connect with nature! Use these apps to identify species, connect with your community, and buy used technical clothing in top shape.

These 6 Women-led Outdoor Brands Are The Next Generation of Change-Makers – The Dyrt
Today’s consumers are choosing to use their buying power to support lady-led companies with values like sustainability, feminism and social impact.

Crosby, Minnesota: An Unlikely Destination for Outdoor RecreationThe Dyrt
People are drawn to Crosby, MN for the unique landscape, kind residents and opportunities to get some red iron ore dirt on their tires.

Experience North Shore Camping at These Minnesota State Parks  – Explore Minnesota
The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of Minnesota’s most rugged and beautiful landscapes. This rocky coastline from Duluth to the Canadian border is the perfect place to cool off, catch the fall colors and get off the grid with a few nights of camping. Here are eight Minnesota State Parks along the North Shore where you can camp, hike and go chasing waterfalls.

What Makes a Hike? – REI’s Hiking Project Journal
How the #52HikeChallenge helped me explore local Chicago green spaces despite chronic illness.

Is it Time to Breakup with Your Old Camping Gear?The Dyrt
As you’re counting tent stakes and checking for worn patches in your sleeping bag, you might scratch your head over quality and the musty smell of a long winter. We want our gear to last as long as possible. But does gear have an expiration date? Is it time to let go of certain items?

The Evolution of Women’s Outdoor Gear (+ Do We Even Need It?) – The Dyrt
We’ve come a long way since “pink it and shrink it” but how many pieces of “women’s gear” are really necessary?

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Range Magazine Issue 11 June 2019

Drawings in the Sand” A philanthropist prints sand drawings on a scarf as one way to raise funds for water wells in a South Sudan refugee camp.

RANGE Magazine Issue 10

Range Magazine Issue 10 January 2019

Down for the People: Sam Lee + Her Unexpected Breakthrough” How an intern helped create environmentally friendly down waterproofing.