Whoa Mag

Hatie is the creator and EIC of Whoa Mag – Womxn of Heart and Outdoor Adventure Magazine. Whoa features stories of adventurers, sustainability, gear, activists, and artists that mainstream media may not showcase.

Charlotte Austin – There must always be coffee
“It’s 1 a.m. on the day of a summit attempt and Charlotte Austin can smell the cold. The thought of leaving her warm sleeping bag and putting on a freezing sports bra is not appealing. The guide and travel writer hauls herself out of her tent with one goal: coffee. Everything else is flexible, but there must always be coffee.”

‘Adventure never goes to plan’ with Krystle Wright
“In the summer of 2013, Krystle Wright mounted a half-wild horse and made her way to the Onan River headwaters in Mongolia. At her side were wilderness physician’s assistant Amber Valenti, Grand Canyon river guide Becca Dennis and river ecologist Sabra Purdy. The three knew about as much Mongolian as Krystle: none. “

Megan Harrod: World traveler and soulful skier
Megan Harrod is the first person US Alpine Ski Team members talk to at the bottom of epic runs all winter long. As the Press Officer for both the men’s and women’s teams, Megan spends the colder months crisscrossing Europe in her Audi, Gita Jan. During the off-season, she can be found traveling the world sourcing sustainable textiles, experiencing fascinating new cultures and exploring her wanderlust.”